Bingothon Summer 2020 Horizontal Logo

Bingothon is back again, giving you a stream full of bingos and raising money for a greater cause, with Bingothon Summer 2020, benefitting Fred Hutch, that will fight against the COVID-19 pandemic! This post will serve as a master information post, which will get updated once we have more information on anything mentioned in here:

  • Submissions: Submissions are closed.
  • Schedule: You can find the final schedule on Horaro.
  • Charity: Bingothon Summer 2020 will raise money for Fred Hutch. More information about this can be found in this news-post.
  • Prize submissions: If you have anything interesting to give away for Bingothon Summer 2020, check out this form.
  • Volunteering: Applications for volunteering are closed.
  • Stream: The stream will run on the SpeedRunsLive Twitch channel, start on Friday the 29th of May, and will run 24h a day over the whole weekend.

If you need any help or have any questions about Bingothon, do not hesitate to contact anyone on the Discord server that has the “Main Organizers” role, such as Floha#1968 or Pikastroff#4262