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Bingothon is an online gaming marathon that aims to benefit charity, live twice a year on Twitch. Since 2018, we have benefitted various charity organizations such as Doctors Without BordersPure Earth, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Project Hope. These weekend-long events feature up to 72-hours straight of pure gaming and fun, all for a great cause.

You might now understand the marathon aspect of us – but what does “Bingo”  within “Bingothon” mean?

Just like real-life bingos, it consists of a bingo card, which is randomly generated with each field being an objective to fulfill, within the context of the game. When an objective is fulfilled, that part of the card is checked. In order to win a normal bingo, the player has to fill in either an entire row, an entire column, or an entire diagonal line within the card. Therefore, not only do runners have to be fast, but they will have to think on their feet in order to come up with the best strategies to fulfill their bingo cards!

Interested to learn more about what we do? Then why not head over to our About Us page?


Bingothon Summer 2020: Cadence of Hyrule – Triple Bingo by Kailaria

Cadence of Hyrule - Triple Bingo by Kailaria from #Bingothon Summer 2020 Runner: Kailaria: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bingothon Summer 2020 has

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Bingothon Winter 2019: Closing Ceremony

Closing Ceremony from Bingothon Winter 2019 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bingothon 2019 has raised a total of 700$ for Pure Earth. Follow us

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